Directyly coming from cannabis-producing center! The perculiar sign surprised us and we got into the building.

Cannabis is here!


For what?

When we hear about cannabis, we tend to think that it’s very dangerous and is related to the drugs.

Absolutely no!!!
Actually, cannabis is a plant deeply rooted in the Japanese culture and it was frequently used as the material of clothes.

Here Cannabis Museum, built by Junichi Takayasu, is for getting rid of such rumors.

Private Log-house Museum


Cannabis Lover

A lot of things related to cannabis. Not so spacious, though.

For example, books about cannabis, products made from cannbis all over the world, junior highschool badge forming the shape of cannabis.

Badge of a certain junior highschool


What interested us most was a sticker saying “I Love Cannabis!”, but we forgot to buy it.
When we saw around inside the museum, the founder Junichi Takayasu spoke to us and explained to us the detail of cannabis.

Junichi Takayasu is hot!

He explained to us the basic knowledge of cannabis firstly.
People has used cannabis and made clothes since a long time ago. It is light, breathable and tough so it is really useful!

But unfortunately, it was not suited for mass production. People made it by their own hand. In addition, cotton goods became popular, which are really easy to make a lot. That’s why cannabis clothes are no longer used in Japan.

These day, on Japanese clothes, it often says that material is “Hemp(麻)”, but this is not true. Why?
Because hemp(麻)has a wide range of plants, whereas cannabis(大麻), though the same kanji “麻” is included, is just a part of “hemp.”

It is said that people at that time hoped children grew greatly as cannabis(大麻)does so straight rapidly.

Cannabis clothes for infants

But now, due to misconceptions that all cannabis is related to the drug, the reputation of cannabis is not good in Japan.
In addition,

Cannabis Control Law regulates tha production of cannabis, so the number of farmers are still decreasing.

②In the near future, it is possible that the skill of using cannabis to make products will disappear because there are few Japanese people who can make cannabis into threads and it is difficult to do so by machines.

Then, “the skill” is in danger. It might be gone.

Talking enthusiastically

What I have introduced to you is just parts of what he said.

He explained to us continuously for two hours, and we were overwhelmed with his love and enthusiasm about cannabis.


The future of cannabis and Junichi

After his teaching about cannabis, we asked him about the activities he will have done in the future.

He started this museum in order to spread the right information about cannabis to Japanese people who always have tendencies to think it as “bad thing.”

Plus, to do so, he write books about it, give lectures and have trial lessons to make cannabis clothes to elementary school students.

He is very kind and friendly person.


To come to think of it, the only thing we have regretted is that we didn’t buy the sticker saying “I Love Cannabis!.”


If you are interested in this place, visit the website ,Cannabis Museum, or go there and have a talk with him!

When we listened to him

More information

Name:Cannabis Museum

Address: 1-5, Takakuotsu, Nasumachi, Nasugun, Tochigi

Closed day: Nothing

Business hours: From Monday to Friday 12:00~18:00 , Saturday and Sunday 10:00~19:00

Admission fee: free

Parking cost: free


Phone number: 0287−62−8093

When we buy the herbs at the museum, he said “It is dangerous a little bit if you use too much LOL”

No problem, it is not the drug for sure, just herbs.

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